Welding is part of the foundations of the business. Our experienced teams can write, implement, test, and assess procedures - and do so worldwide.


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Our rail welding division meets the demands and needs of railway contractors and Network Rail in the delivery of national rail projects using the aluminothermic and manual metal arc welding processes.



Welding is part of SWGR’s heritage, and as such, we can write, test, implement and assess welding procedures – supplying teams on rail projects nationwide. This makes SWGR one of the only welding providers in the UK to provide all aspects of welding – passing cost savings and efficiencies on to the customer.

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Safety is an integral part of everything we do.


From extensive training through to leading on the frontline, we take safety seriously.


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The experience you need

We carry out both routine, remedial welding jobs and welds as part of more complex engineering projects, and have a great deal of experience working on operational sites, so we can ensure that our services are only ever a huge help to any project.


We provide a national resource that supplies welding teams and services across the UK. Our wholly owned equipment is subjected to stringent maintenance and inspection regimes and all of our welding teams carry the requisite safety and skills certification.


Our solutions include:

  • Head Wash Repair (HRW) : A cost-effective solution
    to repairing railhead defects and significantly decreasing track
    maintenance costs. The fault is ‘scooped’ out by burning.
  • Manual Metal Arc (MMA) : Repairs to plain rail –
    all rail grade groups and welding for track circuit purposes and also
    covers repairs for all S&C. Faults are removed by grinding.
  • Aluminothermic Welding : Molten steel is poured
    into a pre-heated mould surrounding the gap between rail ends to be
    joined – the metal then fills the moulds and the slag is separated.

“Welding was the foundations that this business was built on. We’re proud to have provided essential welding services for more than 30 years that have made tangible differences in the longevity of some of the UK’s most complex infrastructure.”

Raymond Johnstone, Head of ScotWeld, SIS and ScotTrain

Need more than just rail welding?

Our welding expertise isn’t just limited to aluminothermic welding.

Our team has worked on complex structures across the world, including Nigeria, Sweden, Hong Kong and Angola.

See how we can help you, wherever you are in the world.

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SWGR is proud to build strong partnerships with the clients it works with.


We are dedicated to doing the right thing, providing the best service, and giving added value in everything we do.


SWGR is a member of the Rail Welding Association, Rail Industry Contractors Association and the Welding and Joining Society.

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