Engineering and rail welding

Our welding division provides skilled teams of welders capable of completing complex welds on a wide range of engineering and rail projects, and we have completed many large and small engineering works in both the UK and overseas. We are also able to supply supervision where required, providing a complete welder supply service. We have experience completing work on several high-risk sites, ranging from some of the busiest motorway and rail bridges in the UK, to challenging international projects like the Cheung Tsing bridge in Hong Kong.

Our rail welding division meets the demands and needs of railway contractors and Network Rail in the delivery of national rail projects using the aluminothermic and manual metal arc welding processes. We provide a national resource that supplies welding teams and services across the UK.

Our wholly owned equipment is subjected to stringent maintenance and inspection regimes and all of our welding teams carry the requisite safety and skills certification. SWGR is a member of the Rail Welding Association, Rail Industry Contractors Association and the Welding and Joining Society.

We carry out both routine, remedial welding jobs and welds as part of more complex engineering projects, and have a great deal of experience working on operational sites, so we can ensure that our services are only ever a huge help to any project.



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