Decontamination Services

Our new Decontamination Service specialism, combining industry experts with proven equipment, is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges that has brought for firms across sectors.

The service sees trained and protected staff access sites out with shift patterns, using a fogging technique to eliminate viruses, germs and bad bacteria from surfaces.*

Rooms and surfaces are professionally disinfected using a combination of wetting surfaces with the fogging technique and then wiping them with disinfectant, protecting users against potential infection.

SWGR has a 30-year track record of helping businesses and their people enjoy success and this new Decontamination Service is designed to help them meet the very particular challenges and demands of the present day.

Led by Neil McNaughton, the new service was busy immediately with the team deployed to assist on site at one of the biggest construction projects in the UK.

During the process, viruses are killed before being removed by the subsequent wiping of surfaces.

SWGR ensures that an onsite risk assessment has been completed prior to any tasks taking place.

Teams are required to wear full PPE prior to building entry and will not remove this until exiting the building after works are complete.

Following disinfection, facilities can be used again immediately following dismantling of work equipment, with 30-90 minutes recommended before using facilities again after fogging procedures are carried out.

SWGR will document the date, time and details of measures carried out for the customer’s records.

As demand for the service grows, we will continue to invest in both the specialist personnel and equipment required to guarantee we deliver and give businesses the confidence they need.

*Protection lasts until a new virus source is brought into the area.



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