SWGR Bridging the Gap: Over, On and Under the Clyde

SWGR have been instrumental in helping to keep Glasgow’s major transport arteries open day and night over the years, having worked extensively on all of the main bridges on the motorway system through the city as well as across the central belt of Scotland, as far east as the iconic Forth Road Bridge.

The company were involved in the realignment and raising of the Kingston Bridge, the demolition and replacement of lanes and the construction of a new parapet and ramps. This involved supplying men, equipment and a full QA/QC interface with Glasgow City and the Highway Department on behalf of our clients, allowing them to maximise their activities.

SWGR has also made a vital contribution to other transport improvement programmes. The Company has supplied various technical manpower skills and services on the Erskine Bridge, the White Cart Viaduct, in the city centre on Jamaica Bridge and the King George V Bridge, along with the total refurbishment of the Clyde Weir. Similarly, they have been involved in significant projects under the river in the Clyde Tunnel, SPT Subway and on the river at landmarks such as the Nautical College and the Renfrew Ferry.


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