As a market leader in a number of specialist areas, SWGR has established a reputable and premium business that delivers high-calibre projects and people as a single, focused solution.

Through three decades of expansion and consolidation, SWGR has diversified its offering to accommodate a number of professional people services across a range of sectors.

Through its six group companies: Manpower, Training Services, Welding Services, Industrial Supplies, Construction Services and Professional Services, the organisation provides a range of multi-disciplinary, integrated solutions for the infrastructure and built environment sectors, primarily focusing upon construction, engineering, rail and energy.

Our Story

For over 30 years SWGR has delivered performance through its people, providing teams and services that have helped innumerable companies and individuals secure their own success.

Throughout our history, we have constantly looked for ways to expand and grow. The organisation was founded to supply manpower services to the oil and gas sector, and we soon extended our core offering to the rapidly growing rail market, as well as the construction and engineering industries.

We have diversified our offering to accommodate a number of professional people services across our six divisions, from skilled labour supply, through to training, occupational health, equipment supply, professional personnel provision and minor works.

Today, SWGR has a vast international client base with high levels of customer retention and a focus on a high-quality delivery in all areas.


We endeavour to pay scrupulous attention to the way we carry out our activities to ensure that all individuals act in the safest possible manner, always considering the impact their actions might have on anyone who comes into contact with our operations.
Integrity is a vital part of SWGR’s operations, displaying the company’s commitment to provide a level of service that our clients can be confident is based on truthfulness and honesty.
SWGR is dedicated to training, mentoring and assessing every member of its team to ensure that they have the skills they need to achieve success. This gives us peace of mind that all SWGR employees are working to their maximum ability, and take pride in their contribution.
We are proud of the diversity of our workplace, and respect is at the heart of ensuring that SWGR is a place where anyone, regardless of difference, can thrive. We have a robust policy in place to ensure that this culture of respect persists throughout all levels of our organisation.
Our product is our people, and we ensure our teams’ enthusiasm and high performance is transferred from job to job. We train, mentor and supervise our times to ensure that all of our clients get the high-quality service they expect, every time.
SWGR is the total of many diverse parts, and it is only through operating as a coherent unit that we are able to succeed. We aspire to collaborate similarly in all of our work, aiming to fully integrate our teams with those of our clients on all projects.



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